I’m a foodie. Like, a HUGE foodie. In fact, I love food so much that I had to make a whole post dedicated to it. So how could you visit the greatest city in the world without sinking your teeth into some of it’s most iconic cuisine? Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite spots for the best meals around town. This is going to be a long one, so bare with me.

NY PIZZA SUPREMA (413 8th Ave)

I’m starting with the greatest of them all. NY Pizza Suprema offers every type of pizza imaginable… even vegan! It’s so good that they’ve been featured in TV shows, magazines, and newspapers galore. The workers here can be a bit aggressive when talking to you, but that’s New York for ya.


BY CHLOE. (240 Lafayette St and 60 W 22nd St)

By Chloe. is a vegan’s dream house. The aesthetic here is modern and chic and offers a great spot for photo ops. The food is heavenly and looks too cute to eat.


SWEET GREEN (multiple locations)

Sweet Green is like your friendly neighborhood Chipotle, but for salads. Their menu changes every season so you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing. And despite it’s overpriced menu (like everything else is NY), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!


JACK’S WIFE FREDA (50 Carmine St and 224 Lafayette St)

This is a fashion blogger hotspot and is the cutest restaurant in all of downtown. The menu offers ton of tasty options from salads and sandwiches, to waffles and avocado toast. TIP: I recommend the 50 Carmine St location because it tends to be less crowded!


THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER (581 Hudson St and 19 Kenmare St)

The Butcher’s Daughter is where farm girl meets the city. It’s similar to Jack’s Wife Freda in the crowd it draws, however, the menu here is 100% vegan. There’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend.


PRESSED JUICERY (multiple locations)

The juices are good, but the pressed freeze is even better. Pressed freeze is the vegan equivalent to soft serve ice cream, but instead it’s made entirely of juice! Is your mouth watering yet?


UNION SQUARE GREENMARKET (East 17th St & Union Square West)

I love a good farmers market. The Union Square Greenmarket is the perfect place to stop for fresh fruits and vegetables or a sweet pastry.


TUTTO IL GIORNO (114 Franklin St)

I had the opportunity to attend a fancy dinner party event here where the food looked like art. I ate delicious Italian pizza and super sweet desserts.


CHUKO RAMEN (565 Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn)

Cup Noodles? What’s that? The word chuko is Japanese for “vintage”. The food here is authentic and flavorful but isn’t overwhelmingly salty or heavy. Chuko Ramen is also the perfect cozy place to be on a rainy or cold day.


You should also check out: CAFETERIA at 119 7th Ave, DELICATESSEN at 54 Prince St, and THE JUICE SHOP at multiple locations.

Happy eating!!

~ Hannah

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