Body shapes are not trends and certain types should not be idolized over others. All are human, all are different, all are unique, and all are beautiful.

Judging and comparing ourselves to others is a part of human nature; these thoughts and feelings are natural and, in my opinion, can’t be avoided. But as individuals, we are always a work in progress and must learn to accept what we cannot change.

People will literally drive themselves crazy over something that’s unrealistic and out of reach. What they desire, in other words, is not real. I’m talking about photoshopped and flawless Instagram models who distort reality. What’s real is what stares you back in the mirror everyday. This idea may be daunting but it’s a beautiful thing once we come to accept who we are, naturally. Technically, I’m still a teenager, but I eat healthy and am conscious about what I put in my body. I, however, can also be extremely lazy and give into my cravings quite easily, but these thoughts and feelings are natural too. This is human nature.


~ Hannah

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