I fell in love with New York City when I was about ten years old. I remember my mom and I taking endless day trips where most of the time our destination was The American Girl doll store. We would also visit Rockefeller Center where we would snap pictures in front of the Christmas tree. My face would be squished inside my coat’s hood rimmed with faux fur as my neck drowned in an adult-sized itchy, wool scarf.

In the summer time we would visit the Central Park Zoo which is where you would probably find me walking around with a SpongeBob popsicle dripping down my chin and onto the floor. On other days I would play in the fountains at a park and then we would drive home getting stuck in weekend traffic as I would watch the sunset out my window. By this time, my skin would be turning a flushed red from a lack of sunscreen and the beaming sun. These were also the days when I was first introduced to a New York City summer. Hot, steamy, humid, and everything in between.

I fell in love with fashion when I was about eight years old. Back then, my fashion sense consisted of graphic tees with puppies on them, bedazzled ruffle skirts from Limited Too, and pink Ugg boots. But my mom was the one who first introduced me to the real world of fashion; Coco Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, and Vogue. Back to school shopping was something we would do religiously together, and even to this day, I can’t buy anything without her approval. I don’t exactly remember what I found so intriguing about fashion, but I guess it was just the creative outlet my life depended on.

As I fell more in love with both of these things, I realized that New York City is in fact a place where fashion flourishes, the streets are runways, and a crazy outfit is what makes you normal.

To honor this beautiful city and my journey living in it thus far, here is a video montage I created for you documenting it all.

Stay tuned for part two…

~ Hannah

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