Warm weather has (finally) arrived here in New York City, the sun has found its way out of the clouds, and boy am I happy about it. But as I struggle to say goodbye to my emo winter wardrobe consisting of bulky scarves, beanies, and faux fur coats, I’m reminded of what I’ll be wearing this spring and summer; shorts, tank-tops, and lots and lots of sunscreen.

When I was much younger, taking care of my skin was the last thing on my mind. Between my friends and I, spending the summer and getting totally sunburnt was the cool thing to do. We lived to show off our dark bikini tan lines and red, peeling shoulders. Yeah, we hated sunscreen. Even today, it’s so easy for us young people to feel like we are never getting old. But a time will come when this feeling will end, where reality will kick in, and our skin will give away our age all too easily.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware of the harmful effects that the sun has on your skin. A couple years ago, the dermatologist office was a place you could find me quite frequently as I attempted to treat a mysterious case of sun-spots and discolored skin. After going through this mishap (and many other skin/acne challenges), I have finally put an end to my days of sunburning and tanning for hours on end. This knowledge I’ve gained is mostly thanks to my mother who, by the way, has the skin of a twenty-something year old. And mom, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you sooner.

Just the other day I was listening to a podcast with the former editor-in-chief of Allure Magazine, Linda Wells, who said, “The only real anti-aging cream is sunscreen.” Today, I haven’t sunbathed in over a year, and I have actually learned to love my fair skin. But if I happen to venture to the beach for a day, you bet I’ll be lathering on sunscreen like there’s no tomorrow and hiding from the rays under the comfort of my umbrella. I am doing everything in my power now to prevent my skin from aging and sun damage. It may sound silly coming from someone who’s still so young, but I know my present actions will pay off in the future. I mean, do you seriously want wrinkles and sun spots by the time you’re thirty? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Well, there you have it folks. I hope this is all the convincing you need to change your mind about something so simple as wearing sunscreen. Consider it life insurance but for your skin, because skin cancer is real!

Here are some Hannah approved sunscreens to help you out (and you can wear them with makeup too!)

~ Hannah

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