I use to think podcasts were for “old people” who preferred audio books over paperback. I thought podcasts were boring and didn’t have anything to offer people like myself. But if you didn’t know by now, podcasts have taken over our media culture. They have substituted our music playlists and have become our new way of learning. From celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow hosting inspirational and powerful conversations, to Gary Vaynerchuk and Sophia Amoruso spilling their secrets to success, people all over the world have hopped on their mobile devices to do nothing else but listen, and now I know why.

Back in January, I stumbled upon a podcast titled Thick & Thin hosted by YouTuber and Instagram-gal Katy Bellotte. Bellotte describes her podcast as “The musings of a millennial girl living in New York City about life, love and everything in between.” Her conversations are real, unfiltered, sensitive, and extremely relatable. Saying what’s on everyone else’s mind isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to make an impact. Her talks have opened my eyes to the harsh realities of society, growing up, being a young adult, and navigating life, especially in New York. Thick & Thin made me thirsty for more which is when I discovered the overwhelming array and genre of podcasts that are available at my fingertips. Want the scoop on the latest celebrity gossip? There’s a podcast on that. Interested in learning about the history of infectious diseases? Yep, there’s a podcast on that. Curious about how to make an extra 20k? There’s a podcast on that too. This may be nerdish of me, but podcasts have enabled me to learn about so many things like the causes of Zika virus, why we can’t see black holes, what makes Spotify so successful, and how female entrepreneurs are dominating the world of business; and it feels pretty cool knowing all this stuff.

Podcasts are also like free therapy sessions. They put you at ease, and give you something to think about as you get ready for the day or take on your morning commute.

The morale of the story is that podcasts certainly are NOT for old people and there is so much they have to offer all types of people. These tiny audio worlds have so much information to discover. They are powerful in the way they explain, motivate, and speak to us. Listening to one podcast a day can not only teach you something new about the world but also teach you something about yourself.

Here are some of my favorites…

~ Hannah

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