I am well aware of my three month absence from Instagram, and it’s been several weeks since I’ve sat down to write anything for this blog. So, what if being a consecutive poster isn’t my forte? I’ve been a busy girl, and now I have finally found time to set the record straight.

On May 20th I started my first ever internship. I am working alongside fashion designer, John Targon on his new streetwear clothing brand called Fall Risk. We work in a small studio located in Bowery/East Soho of New York City. Here’s some background information for you: Before Fall Risk, John was the co-founder and creative director of Baja East, a “loose luxury” streetwear label which has been worn by people like Lady Gaga and Joan Smalls, and has even made it’s debut on the runway of New York Fashion Week. John also held positions at brands like Prada, Celine, and Marc Jacobs, and has even had the privilege of styling celebrities such as Miley Cyrus.

After submitting 20+ applications to summer internships and not hearing back from a single one, I thought I was doomed. My time was running out and I was convinced that I would be spending my summer walking dogs or working for minimum wage. People sometimes talk about social media like it’s a bad thing, that it’s ruining the world’s children and frying our brain cells. But did you know that social media is also capable of getting you a job? Long story short, I have my younger brother to thank for this one. In March, he sent me John’s Instagram story about a need for an intern. Not knowing who John was or what the job entailed, I hesitantly messaged him. Two days later we met for an interview and I was offered the position right on the spot. I guess the best things come when you least expect them.

I am so lucky and grateful to have this opportunity to learn from someone who already plays such a significant role in the fashion industry. My job has a loose description because I am getting to do so many different things. I have learned about every aspect of the industry such as design, product development, entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, and editorial. It’s a lot of work, but the experience is priceless and will definitely help me in the future with whatever I take on next.

According to what I heard from others, watched on TV, or saw in the movies, I always pictured my first internship to be boring, uneventful, or something I wasn’t truly passionate about. But here I am, working Monday through Thursday, doing something (with someone) I never thought was possible.

So that explains my absence, but with summer in full swing I am also working on creating more (and better) content for this blog, so stay tuned for some cool things to come!

~ Hannah

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