Ah, at last, hot and sweaty summer days are coming to an end. I simply cannot control my excitement, so forgive me if you think I am starting my fall season and back to school posts a bit early. From makeup to clothes, here is everything you’ll want to get your hands on for the coming season.


Despite my obsession with plain, dark, and neutral colors, I also love pastels. This refreshing and modern pistachio green color dominated the F/W 2019 runways and has even started to peek its way into popular streetwear. Pistachio also happens to be my favorite type of nut and ice cream flavor, so this color makes me quite hungry.


This trend screams “girl boss”. It’s feminine with a hint of masculine. It draws attention to the waist. It’s sophisticated and tailored yet fun and unexpected. This is a trend I have yet to try out. Recently, I have scored big at the thrift stores when it comes to blazers so I’m eager to put my style skills to the test.


It’s no secret that leather is always a fall and winter staple, but my style senses are telling me that this year it will be much more extravagant. Why? Because head-to-toe leather is IN. (Faux, of course)


The OG pattern of fall. Plaid looks perfect on dresses, trenches, and tailored pants and is quite cozy too. Where a suit to dress it up or a pair of sneakers for a casual day-time look.


The midi skirt trend that took over Instagram this summer has found its way into fall wear. This may be an unpopular opinion but I am obsessed with kilts. I came across the most perfect vintage, fall colored kilt after rummaging through my basement a few weeks ago – and I don’t know where it came from or how it got there – but I am excited to wear it! (Look out for an Instagram post of me wearing it soon)


It’s what Patagonia is known for. Shearling has started to become a material of choice by high-end designers. It’s soft to the touch and brings and unexpected twist to an otherwise basic jacket.


Seems like a summer trend, right? It’s about time our dark fall wardrobes were brightened up with a little bit of makeup; and a hint of pink blush is perfect for that.

That’s all for now!

~ Hannah

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