The last five months I have changed, a lot. I’ve learned new things and I’ve set new intentions. No one has their life 100% figured out, but I’m stepping in the right direction.

So, I am here to update you all on what’s new and where I’ve been. Lately, I’ve been consumed with school, work, and even taking time to have a bit of a social life. I’ve made some lifestyle changes, and though they’re small, they’ve made quite a positive difference. I’ve been reading, for fun. Can you believe it? Fifteen year old me thinks I’m crazy. Throughout middle school and high school I loathed reading because every book I was assigned was about something I had no interest in. It took me a while to realize that reading can be amazing when it’s something you enjoy or are passionate about. Now, I can’t stop. I think I am becoming a book hoarder.

I have also become much more of a people person, and I’m not as shy as I use to be. I am no longer afraid to go up to someone or hesitant about starting a conversation. I used to be so uncomfortable in any sort of confrontation, but I’m slowly getting over it. I’m an introvert gone extrovert.

Meditation is something I have added to my list of self-care essentials. It’s something I’ve been doing for a minute or two every morning after I wake up. It clears my mind and leaves me refreshed. I recommend you try it out for yourself too.

All of this is to say that I’ve noticed a new chapter is just now beginning in my life. Following the end of my summer internship, it was time for me to head back to school. And once I readjusted to things, I found myself wondering what was next. Recently, I have been jumping at every opportunity to grow and learn in ways that will benefit me in the future. With that, I’ve watched the law of attraction work in my favor. Manifestation is quite a wonderful thing.

It’s hard to believe that my second semester of sophomore year is almost over. I missed this space and thought it was only appropriate to pop in and say hello, to remind you all that yes, I still do exist.

Hopefully soon I’ll find time to visit here more often.

See you,

~ Hannah

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