It’s been a hectic school semester, but I’ve finally made it to winter break. I can officially take a little breather to decompress and recenter myself. Whether you’ve planned some thrilling adventures or are just catching up on some well-deserved sleep, make sure you carve out a chunk of time to indulge and relax. I mean it!

Recently, I’ve been inspired left, right, up, and down when it comes to fashion, beauty, and art. Maybe because it’s December which is my favorite month of the year, plus the holiday season is in full swing.

I’ve had a mood board like this floating between my brain, my closet, and my phone, nowhere explicitly expressing my current fashion and style affinities, until now.

Here’s some holiday glam inspo.

Now for some music I’ve been loving. This playlist is a work in progress.

Happy holidays!

~ Hannah

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